Face Services

RHW Med Spa's Selection of Facial Treatments in Houston

Explore our selection of aesthetic treatments & facial treatment in Houston for your face and book your appointment today.

Face Services


A facial may be just what you need to look and feel better. Find out more about how we do facial treatment in Houston at RHW Med Spa.

IPL Photofacials

Rejuvenate your skin and get that glow back with an IPL Photofacial at RHW Med Spa in Houston.


Looking for an effective and safe way to achieve the fresher, smoother skin? Find out more about Microneedling at RHW Med Spa.

Skin Rejuvenation

Repair signs of skin damage for a smoother, healthier-looking complexion. Feel like a brand-new you!

Skin Tightening

No more sagging skin on the face and body!
Rejuvenate your skin with a skin tightening treatment at our RHW Medical Spa now.


A three-in-one therapy that combines photofacial, anti-aging, and skin resurfacing to improve skin tone, elasticity, and texture.


A revolutionary treatment that allows us to eliminate the excess tissue causing wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, etc.

Chemical Peel

Keep your skin fresh and clear all year round!
We can help you lighten, tighten, and brighten your skin.

Our Services

Non-Invasive Aesthetic Care Treatments Customized for You

Check out our full range of non-invasive aesthetic treatments available at RHW Med Spa.

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Face Services

Revitalize your skin and refresh your mind!

<p>Discover the full line of face services and treatments available at our RHW Medical Spa In Houston. Improve the look and feel of your skin with one of our facial or skin care services.</p>
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Body Services

For visible results and deep relaxation, try our different body treatments!

<p>Indulge yourself with our results-driven body therapies and treatments. We guarantee you will leave feeling rejuvenated, healthier and with smoother skin.</p>
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Unlock the door to smoother, more-youthful skin today!

<p>Restore a youthful glow to your skin with any of our injectables: Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Jeuveau. Free yourself of unwanted wrinkles and expression lines.</p>
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Weight Loss

Lose weight without having to endure prolonged hunger!

<p>Here at our medical spa, we assist people who want to try HCG weight loss in Houston and will provide the close supervision that’s needed to keep you safe while on this plan.</p>
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